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AIM offers unique and innovative solutions to some of our world’s biggest issues. Whether order fulfillment, parcel tracking or assisting ships to navigate the oceans safely AIM has the talent and skills to help you succeed.

Asset & Fleet Management

AIMTrax provides your business with a complete asset and fleet management solution. Our solution can integrate with your existing operating platform, delivering actionable intelligence and valuable insights into business operations.

  • Gain real-time visibility of assets for improved fleet management, reliability, forecasting and profitability.

  • Modular and flexible, whether tracking a truck or parcel, AIMTrax provides solutions to meet your needs.

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IoT Telematics for Trucking
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Benefitting Your Company
  • Tracking of assets and how they’re performing in real time

  • Predictive maintenance – Anticipate problems before they occur

  • Enhanced supply chain management and visibility

  • Smart Scheduling & Dispatch – Better utilization of assets and workforce

  • Enhanced Yard Management – Streamline yard efficiency with real-time monitoring

  • Increased fleet safety through analytics and event tracking

  • Reductions in insurance costs and payouts with accident recording and logging

Benefitting Your Team
  • Real-time intelligent alerts on trailer and engine data

  • Improved scheduling to maximize utilization

  • Asset Life Cycle Monitoring – Track assets from delivery, through useful life and disposal

  • Enhanced Safety – With lane keeping advice and video analytics drivers will drive more confidently

  • Enhanced Communications – Communicate status and updates to team members

  • Accident Alerting – When an accident occurs alerts are sent to managers to get assistance if needed

  • Accident Recording – Records video and data when an accident occurs

AIMTrax interacts with transportation management systems and provides notification of delayed or missed shipments. It is extensible and assists the owner operator workforce with asset management to help reduce operating costs. In addition, AIM’s integrated solutions take advantage of AIMTrax and Alaska platforms to deliver an unmatched chain of custody solution for your business-critical food or pharmaceutical temperature-controlled shipments.

DTC Fulfillment Platform

Businesses require a comprehensive operating platform to compete in a today’s changing market.

AIM’s project Alaska logistics platform is designed to meet the ever-changing demands of an evolving retail marketplace. Our platform is the preeminent platform for all your order management, fulfillment, transportation, and shipping needs.

  • Scalable operating platform for DTC businesses

  • Real time inventory visibility

  • High-volume pick/pack capability for large volume businesses

  • Innovative QA process reduces mis-picks and improves customer satisfaction

  • Customer service portal providing end to end order details

  • Enhanced reporting capabilities

An Omni-Channel Solution that Works

Industrial IoT Integration and Analytics

By connecting disparate and unique systems and analyzing provided data in real-time, AIM delivers on the promise of IIoT by delivering actionable intelligence when and where it is needed.

AIM refers to this as Sense, Understand and Act.

New Revenue
  • Cold Chain Logistics
  • Inventory and Order Forecasting

  • End to End Accountability and Tracking
Operational Efficiency
  • Improve Workforce Planning and Staffing Needs

  • Improve Billing Accuracy

  • Truck Load Planning and Optimization

  • Reduce Breakdowns

  • Reduce Early/Late Dock Arrivals

  • Reduce Insurance Costs

  • Restocking and Inbound BOL Automation
  • Reduce Returns

  • Driver Safety and Compliance

  • Extend Asset Life and Reduce Maintenance Costs

Custom Business Solutions

We can help bring your vision to life with AIM’s innovative and proven 4D process. AIM has been instrumental in designing, developing and deploying applications that meet clients’ individual needs.

  • Customized solutions targeted to meet your business critical needs

  • Whether assisting an existing team or managing your solution from start to finish AIM can help

AIM, changing the future

We innovate at the intersection of technology and design to create solutions that move the world.

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